EDINA, Minn.--Alec Fischer is a filmmaker dedicated to creating art that impacts others and truly makes a difference. Alec was nominated for an Eleven Who Care award because of the work he has done in creating and sharing his documentary, "Minnesota Nice?", which brings to light the issue of bullying in Minnesota schools. Alec has shared his documentary in various schools and communities to raise awareness of this issue.

Alec had been interested in creating and directing films from a young age. His passion for creating documentaries really started when he was a senior in high school. Alec realized that documentaries could "expose an issue that usually impacts people in a deep, meaningful way."

Alec discovered that there were few documentary film makers his age and knew that he could use his skills to raise awareness of the struggles he and his peers were facing everyday.

In addition to sharing his film and speaking about bullying in Minnesota schools, Alec also volunteers with the PACER'S National Bullying Prevention Center, where he presents at resource fairs and speaks with both students and parents affected by bullying. Alec also does a lot of advocacy work with this organization.

Alec continues to work on new film projects advocating for various groups and causes. He and Hannah Lieder, another one of this year's honorees even collaborated on short film highlighting her fight to save the only public swimming pool in Minneapolis.

For more information on Alec's upcoming projects visit the Alec Fischer Films Facebook Page.