MINNEAPOLIS--Perry Hendricks loves being active. You can often find him backpacking, hiking and playing golf. Perry is also a man that believes that we are our brother's keeper and that when we receive kindness we are obligated to pay it forward.

Perry volunteers with the Courage Kenny (formerly Sister Kenny) Golf Program. He works with participants who have had polio, amputations, arthritis, strokes, spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities and shows them that they can continue to enjoy golf with family and friends. Perry and the other Courage Kenny Golf Program volunteers help with lessons, teach participants to use adaptive equipment and provide physical assistance when necessary.

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Volunteering with the Courage Kenny Golf Program was a natural transition for Perry after 30 years of coaching men's, women's and junior wheel chair basketball teams. Perry has also served as coach and manager of the USA National Women's and Men's Wheelchair Basketball Teams.

Perry brings joy to many lives, but he will be the first to say that he receives so much more than he gives while doing this work.