ELY, Minn. - In keeping with its tradition of turning April Fools' Day into a marketing opportunity, the City of Ely announced yet another clever -- and completely fake -- new technological advancement on Saturday.

Introducing: Canoeber.

"It's like Uber, but for canoes," reads the press release sent out on Saturday.

When announcing the April Fools' Day joke, the City of Ely said that visitors to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness will be able to use the Canoeber app to summon a nearby paddler to transport them to campsites and resorts anywhere along the 1,500 miles of canoe routes.

But Ely is going even further with its joke this year, actually sending ambassadors to Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis to recruit Canoeber paddlers to earn a bit of extra income lending their arm strength to tourists up north.

According to the city, "Critics of the ride-sharing canoe app dispute the need for the service and complain that the installation of hundreds of cell towers around the edges of the million-acre wilderness area needed to provide the necessary wireless service quietly took place during the winter months when no one was paying attention."

Last year Ely fooled some of the public with its Original Ely Electric Paddle.

More information about Canoeber is available on Ely's website, where anyone who tries to follow through and download the app will see a message that reads: "You know this is another Ely April Fool’s joke, right?"