MINNEAPOLIS - The summer travel season is upon on us, and even with the long winter, there are deals to be had.

"It's still kind of fresh on our minds and I think that the cabin fever has really transitioned into a travel fever now that springs is in the air and the flowers are blossoming," said Jamie Christianson from AAA Minneapolis.

Itching to travel reached record numbers, according to AAA Minneapolis. Over Memorial Day Weekend, 36 million Americans took to the roads, skies or rails.

With the unofficial start to summer is behind us, deals for the July and August are popping up.

"July is definitely the peak season," said Maria Anderson of Midwest Travel Service. "If you can go the week right when the kids get out of school that will be a little cheaper and late August before they go back, those are the best options."

In terms of when to buy on airfare, USA Today said do not fly out or return on a Sunday because those fares are typically much higher than other days.

In fact, weekends are bad shopping days as well.

"If you are shopping on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you will see a little bit higher fare, they know you have extra time to look so they raise it up a little," Anderson said.

"It's always best to avoid buying tickets on the weekends. Airfare is typically a lot more expensive, steeper on the weekends than it is during the week," said Christianson.

Another tip, don't wait to book. Gone are the days where you play chicken with the airlines looking for lower prices.

"It's not the case anymore, airfares are rising and rising and rising so you definitely want to book as early as possible when you have your dates, have your destination," Anderson said.

If driving is on your radar, expect the status quo in terms of gas prices which is not a huge surprise since the increase in prices at the pump were really just a few cents higher this May as compared to last year at the same time.

And if you are really wanting to get away and can be super flexible on short notice, there is a Tuesday deal.

Every Tuesday morning Sun Country sends out information about its Wing It Sale. These are one way fares to and from 8 or 9 American cities and they are really cheap. The catch is they are for flights leaving within a few days and returning just a few days after that. Those with a wide open schedule, could enjoy a real summer treat.