A new scam is targeting pet owners who fly.

DeltaPetTransit.com. One glance at the website's front page, and it looks legitimate. You see the real Delta logo, font and colors.

It looks like a website that lets you book travel or shipping for your pet, but it's fake.

"Pet scams are very big right now," says Dan Hendrickson with the Better Business Bureau. "We see it a lot. We hear about it every week.

The website poses as a Delta sub-company that offers to fly and carry your pets for a fee on domestic and international flights. You provide the money and they provide - no service, according to a new lawsuit Delta has filed in federal court, claiming trademark infringement.

KARE 11's Dylan Wohlenhaus called the two phone numbers listed on the website. First, a 1-800 number with no answer.

A second number listed was a 554 area code and not listed in Nevada, where the company says it is located.

A Verizon wireless message said the number was disconnected.

"Frankly, there are also a lot of bad folks out there who are cranking out these fake websites," said Hendrickson. "They get thousands of dollars. They shut them down and move on to the next fake website."

In the lawsuit, Delta Air Lines said the website is intended to dupe victims into believing they are dealing with Delta.