ID=7992645ID=7981775ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota Wild fans cheered the team to a win Monday night as the playoff series against the Colorado Avalanche took home ice in Game 3.

"The season doesn't start until you lose a game on home ice. We've still got it," said fan Jacob Knable before the game.

That spirit led the Wild to an overtime win, bringing the seven-game series to 1-2.

Fans were bolstered by a block party held outside Xcel Energy Center complete with music, beer and face painting.

St. Paul's mayor even joked about a bet with Denver's mayor.

"So I'm thinking what's a good Denver product?" wondered Mayor Chris Coleman. "I said you would only have to give up something that weighs an ounce!"

It's unclear whether Coleman will get his pot, but the Wild secured their first win.

Game 4 is Thursday night at Xcel Energy Center. The puck drops at 8:30 p. .and another block party will greet fans outside beforehand.