MINNETONKA, Minn. – Fans are sounding off at sports bars and on the radio following the dismissal of Leslie Frazier.

"I think Frazier is a good man," says Don Shaughnessy of Robbinsdale. "But we need a coach that can come in here and put together a winner."

The opinions vary. Many feel Frazier was tasked with the impossible: Win without stability at the quarterback decision.

"He was set up with a bad quarterback," said Dan Gravley. "He was doing his best with what he had."

Callers lined up to debate the decision on KFAN radio.

"Most fans are saddened for him because he truly is very likable," said KFAN's Paul Allen. "But people realize that changes need to happen when you go 3-13, barely make the playoffs, and then go 5-10-1."