MINNEAPOLIS - They're at it again!

Shaun Evans and his 11-year-old son, Shamus, are embarking on another jaunt throughout America.

Evans uses a special jogging wheelchair to push Shamus, who has cerebral palsy.

The last time they embarked on such a mission was in 2015, when they ran across the country from Seattle to New York City. They did that run in 60 days.

This time they are running the entire Mississippi River. They embarked on this journey on July 1 in Moorhead, Minnesota, and anticipate concluding the run in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

They hope to run 60 miles each day.

Both times, they've been running for a mission. The father-son duo is running for Ainsley's Angels, an organization that pairs up runners with people with disabilities who then go on runs together.

Although Shamus can walk short distances, his primary means of mobility is a wheelchair.

"Although he has physical limitations, he has the heart and the spirit of an athlete and he's a big dreamer – bigger than me," says Evans.

In fact, the Mississippi River run was Shamus' idea.

"I was walking along the Mississippi River and wondered how long it is," Shamus says. "I thought we could run that."

And clearly, dad agreed.

"He is the man behind the mission and he's the inspiration," Evans says. "Something that he can't make his own body do, I have the honor to be able to help him do that. So it's a real privilege for me."

While on their run, Shaun and Shamus will be giving away 20 to 25 running wheelchairs to families who have children with disabilities so they, too, can hit the open road.

Three families in the Twin Cities will receive running chairs, presented Wednesday at Target Field.

For more information in Ainsley's Angels, visit their website.