MINNEAPOLIS. It’s not exactly pillow talk but financial professionals insist that talking finances before saying “I do” can save your bank account from future heartache.

”People have different perception of risk, some people are more aggressive some are less. Some people come into marriage with more assets, some come in with less. Sometimes you’re inheriting a lot of debt, student loans, car payments with your partner,” said Peter Eckerline of Merill Lynch.

Here are financial tips for a wealthy "happily ever after."

“Take an analysis of your balance sheet and see where things stand,” said Eckerline.

Next, look to the future.

“Put down some goals. What are we looking for? A first home, a new car, a cabin up north,” said Eckerline.

Also, don’t forget to discuss the dreaded “P” word – prenuptial agreements.

Even if you have no plan to get a prenup, talking about it is worth the piece of mind.

Eckerline suggests sitting down with a financial planner and attorney if that is something that is important to you.

Finally, make sure you’re covered in sickness and in health by reviewing and adjusting your living wills and estate plans immediately.

The number one tip that Eckerline suggests is communication.

“Talk about it...I think that’s the biggest thing many people don’t talk about it and that leads to problems down the road,” said Eckerline.