ANDOVER, Minn. - It's the month of showers, and May flowers aren't the only thing they bring.

April’s rain will help determine how many mosquitos we'll have, and it depends in large part on standing water.

“Every year is unique - it's always a challenge,” said Mike McLean of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, which covers the seven county metro area. “The numbers are enormous.”

The last two years have been among the worst for mosquitoes in Minnesota, and the water table is still high. But with less snow pack than normal, and crews treating thousands of breeding sites statewide, mosquito control experts say they're working harder than ever.

A two day conference in Andover this week is a big part of that, where 150 people from across the Midwest are sharing knowledge and ideas on techniques, staffing and equipment.

“It's really a chance to get our strategies together,” McLean said.

With at least a month until mosquitoes hatch, this time of year is key, since they can kill larvae before they become mosquitoes and stop both bites - and dangerous disease.

“West Nile virus is still a problem in Minnesota and the upper Midwest,” McLean said.

And so are mosquitoes as a whole. While experts say they kill 75% of them, they say it's still up to us to help.

“Our goal is to drive the numbers down where the average person can do something about it in their own backyard,” said McLean.