MINNEAPOLIS - Summer-like temperatures on the first day of fall had quite the impact on students in the classroom.

Hiawatha is one of a dozen schools in Minneapolis without air conditioning. That's why the windows were propped open throughout the day and parents were asked to send kids to school in light clothing and water bottles.

"It was gonna be really hot today so they told me to stay hydrated," one student told KARE 11. "Uh, we put a fan in, behind, some big blocks of ice so it would cool down better," another student said.

And when kids were outside, staff tried to keep them cool.

"We went out to play at recess once and there were games involved with water," a student said.

"So you got splashed?" we asked.

"A lot," he replied.

"It's uncomfortable. It's not a good learning environment. But they're unlikely to sustain heat illness as a result of it," said HCMC Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. David Plummer. He adds the greater concern is athletic events, or anyone trying to push it physically.

Others soaked in the extended summer day...