ST. PAUL, Minn. - It's likely a story that will be told for years to come. 

Early Friday morning, St. Paul officers were on patrol around 1 a.m. in Indian Mounds Regional Park when their squad was nearly hit by an out of control driver. 

A white GMC Yukon Denali traveling at a high rate of speed had blown through a stop sign and was careening through the intersection of Earl Street and Mounds Boulevard. 

Officers tried to stop the driver but they fled, "showing little regard for traffic laws or the safety of passengers," according to a Facebook post from the department. 

That's when police realized this was no ordinary case. One of the passengers in the vehicle was a goat. 

Officers chased the suspect until the driver lost control of the vehicle, entering a driveway of a home and hitting a parked vehicle. 

Before the vehicle even came to a complete stop, four people jumped out and attempted to run. 

Officers chased the suspects and were able to arrest two 29-year-old men. After the suspects were taken into custody, officers discovered a goat in the cargo area of the Yukon. 

"Gordy" the goat thankfully was unharmed. 

Gordy was transported back to Mounds Park, where he was reunited with his other 30 goat pals, who were recently placed in the area by St. Paul Parks and Recreation to help reduce the spread of invasive species and unwanted vegetation. 

As the St. Paul Police puts it, "the investigation into this "kid"napping case continues ..."