MINNEAPOLIS – Gridlock is how commuters traveling into the city described their trip Wednesday. And it seemed no amount of notice prepared people for what they experienced.

"Traffic is backed up pretty far,” said commuter Jenna Elder.

"It’s an incredible mess,” added Ian Wright.

And for the next few days, it may not get much better.

"It's crazy especially with Hennepin closed right now,” said Wright.

Call it a perfect storm with no perfect solutions. Commuters complained of standstill conditions.

The city added traffic patrol officers to help guide people but it didn’t help much with construction around almost every turn and light rail shut down for repairs. City officials also blamed the rain showers that slowed traffic, too.

"We’re all having to get through this together,” said Howie Padilla, Metro Transit spokesperson.

He said the light rail tracks in downtown Minneapolis are being replaced for the first time in roughly 14 years, but work should be completed by Monday.

"After we’re done with this 11 day work, we’ll be okay for more than two decades,” he said. "Hang with us for a few days, and come Monday we’ll be in a better spot.”

But just go on social media and you’ll find commuters aren’t too forgiving, not only complaining of the all the construction but packed transit buses.

So why do all of this construction at the same time? Padilla said they do coordinate with both the city and state on construction projects.

"There’s no real great time for this,” he said.

So what can you do? Not much. If you live in the north metro, transit officials recommend trying the North Star Commuter Rail.

Everyone else, consider Minneapolis your messy maze.

"You just try to find the cheese and get the way out of town the best you can,” said Brian Cozicky, a commuter.

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