MINNEAPOLIS - Their goal is to build 48 websites in only 48 hours and they're looking for your help.

The 48in48 initiative will be in the Twin Cities Sept. 15-17. The group was created as a way to build and create websites for nonprofit groups across the country.

Previous events have been held in Boston, New York and Atlanta, but organizers say this will be their first time in Minnesota.

Organizers are currently looking for both nonprofit groups that are in need of a new website, as well as volunteers to help them create the websites.

Nonprofits have until July 28 to apply. The only requirement is the group must have a paid staff member and an operating budget under $3 million dollars.

48in48 is also looking for volunteers to help them build these websites. They're looking for project managers, graphic designers, front end developers, digital and content marketers and others.

Project managers should register by Aug. 12. They will be assigned to one of the receiving nonprofits. Remaining volunteers should sign up by Sept. 1.

For more information on how to apply, visit: 48in48.org.