GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The KARE 11 Backyard is undergoing a huge renewal. The backyard has been under construction since mid-May.

This week was interrupted many times by flooding rains, but it gave us an opportunity to see if the permeable pavers held up to the heavy deluge of rain and guess what they did and really quite well actually. The fireplace is being constructed right now by Twin City Fireplace and it looks great we will talk to Chris Becker the president next week more about the details of this fabulous addition to our backyard.

Speaking of the fireplace, the pergola, the raised seating area, and the waterfall. The placement of these really unique items was very calculated for TV purposes, but as Tim Johnson of Southview Design tells us everyone should think about this. How many times can you only enjoy your backyard from the windows on the backside of your house because of our weather! When you plan a backyard think about that and make sure you line things up so that you have a good perspective from the house. Bring the flavor and design of your house out to bring it all together.

The Builder's Association of the Twin Cities is our partner along with Southview Design in this exciting project.