LONG LAKE, Minn. - We had a great time roaming around Otten Bros. and looking at the great spring plants. What we noticed is that they are one of a few garden centers that have decided not to sell the most popular shade annual out there impatiens.

Seed Impatiens are under attack by a disease called "Downy Mildew". First reported cases in Minnesota were in 2012. Impatiens planted in the landscape will most likely this year be killed by Downy mildew. The disease is carried by the wind and is uncontrollable in the landscape. Impatiens can be thriving one week and completely defoliated and dead the next week.

The disease produces spores that can move in the air and overwinter in the soil.

Here are some great alternatives-

Otten Bros. is recommending these.

Fiberous Begonias


Sweet Potato Vine

New Guinea Impatiens

Tuberous Begonias



Dragonwing Begonias

Polka Dot Plants



This link has many more.

Good Luck!

Belinda & Bobby