MINNEAPOLIS - Well no question we have had a lot of ice this year and cold temperatures.

The snow has come and compacted in many areas and it is hard to remove. Why does it seem that the ice melters do not work?

We talked with Todd Dilley the Vice-President of Lawn Ranger and he tells us that the ice melters just do not perform well when the temperature is below 0 degrees.

The ice melters work by allowing the moisture in the atmosphere to interact with them and that allows them to work and break up and melt the ice. When the temperatures remain around 0 or below then their is simply not enough moisture in the air to allow them to work properly.

He did mention that if they have more magnesium in them they do work better, but it is expensive and cost prohibitive most of the time.

The best time to put ice down is when the sun is out and the temperatures are the warmest or at night when the snow is actually falling. The moisture will be soaked in and when it is snowing it tends to be a bit warmer.

He does recommend only four cups for a typical driveway. You do need to remember that these products are not ever totally safe for pets and that they do need to be sweeped up and removed because they will damage plants and grass near the area that is treated.

Good luck keeping the ice melted in your area.

Belinda & Bobby.