MINNEAPOLIS - Jeff Edmondson has his first house, first backyard and his first veggie garden in his own yard. He found a sand pit that he converted to a garden and he picked a place that has plenty of sunshine.

He planted his rows running North and South for optimum sun exposure. He added organic matter to his soil to make it looser and ready to grow healthy plants.

He picked out two tomatoes one early and one late season and Bobby recommended that he plants even one more. Bobby suggested to add epsom salt to some water and use that when they are in flower in order to get better tasting tomatoes. He decided to use one zucchini plant versus numerous ones like last season in his community plot when he had WAY too many of them during harvest. Bobby suggested he use a cage for the zucchini so it does not take over the entire end of the garden.

He planted lettuce by seed too late so Bobby said it would probably bolt and go to seed so use that earlier and again later this season, but now is not a great time.

Bobby also suggested he put pavers in the garden so he doesn't compact the soil when he walks around in it and also he should cover the soil with newspaper. This will allow the soil to stay constant temperature, and loose less water to evaporation and suppress weed growth.

Good luck to Jeff, we will check back in!