GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The KARE 11 Backyard is undergoing a huge renewal. The backyard has been under construction since mid-May.

This week we had the great opportunity to go to the Bachman's Growing Fields Wholesale Nursery in Farmington and pick out and look at the amazing assortment of new perennials, and shrubs and trees that are going to find a home in the new KARE 11 Backyard.

Tim Johnson from Southview Design along with the buyers and designers at Bachman's including Doug Danielsen chose a number of hardy plants that will attract butterflys, birds, and many have great winter interest as well. Their is one amazing magnolia of note.

Many KARE 11 viewer now that there was a great Chinese Star Magnolia in the KARE 11 backyard for nearly 30 years. We were not able to keep it and so we have a new one that will carry on the tradition. This one is a magnolia called "Jane." I will put the entire list of plants here on KARE as soon as it is finalized.

Thanks again for following our journey of reinventing the KARE 11 Backyard.

The Builder's Association of the Twin Cities is our partner along with Southview Design in this exciting project.