LAKE ELMO, Minn. - Alec Charais of Bailey Nurseries has broken down the best of the best to pick from this season.

First up, is the First Editions series or trees shrubs and roses. Charais says the Campfire rose was added this year, a version hardy to our climate in Minnesota and developed in Canada. It's disease resistant plant that Charais says performs very well in the northern landscape. It's yellow and pink colored petals resemble a campfire, hence the name.

Next up a new climatis from the Raymond Evison collection. It's a low grower Charais says, so it's great for container gardening or locations more in the middle of the garden instead of always stuck against a trellis. And Bobby adds, "Head in the sun, feet in the shade" as a tip for keeping all climatis plants happy.

A new variety of endless summer hydrangeas also makes its debut this spring. It's called bloom struck. This variety is a very heavy bloomer, as opposed to the original endless summer hydrangea, which has given gardeners some trouble with blooming. Different colors from pink to blue-purple can be achieved depending on the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. The pink color comes through in a basic soil, so add some lime if you're looking for pink blooms, says Charais. For the "blurple," he says add some garden sulfur or an aluminum sulfate product.

And lastly, a personal favorite here at KARE, a new magnolia! It's called "Centennial Blush." Charais calls it a blooming machine with it's soft white to soft pink blossoms! He promises, "When its in flower, you can barely see stems." Wow. And the best part. It's hardy to zone 4!