MINNEAPOLIS - A Minneapolis-based nonprofit, that serves free meals in the community, fell victim to this past weekend's hail storm.

Loaves and Fishes operates four farms and gardens with its largest in Coon Rapids. Farm Manager Kimberly Greene-DeLanghe, says she arrived Monday morning to find the farm in shambles following Sunday's storms.

"It just feels like we're starting again from scratch," said Greene-DeLanghe.

Almost all of the plants were destroyed. The irrigation system was damaged as well.

Greene-DeLanghe had been working with volunteer groups to plant seeds over the past month and it was 3/4 planted with volunteers expecting to finish the planting this week.

"Some things it's still an okay time to plant but like our peas were planted on April 22 and they're a cool season crop. We're not going to get new peas," she said.

Now the organization is in desperate need of help in hopes of getting the farm into full production yet this season. Last year, the vegetables grown on the Coon Rapids farm were incorporated into over 25,000 meals. The number was expected to double this year.

The storm caused a minimum of $10,000 in damages to the farm. Director of Development Patti Sinykin said original supplies were donated to them from business partners, like Tonkadale Greenhouse.

"That doesn't even include all the labor that's gone into all of this and then also what we've lost and what the impact is to the vegetables that are no longer going to be on the plates," Sinykin said.

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