GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- Millions of Americans struggle daily to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness guru Chris Freytag visited KARE 11 sunrise to discuss the 28 day Total Body Transformation Challenge. The challenge is outlined in Prevention Magazine.

The challenge is meant to be simple enough for anyone to do. There's no dieting, calorie counting, or crazy-hard workouts. All you have to do is...

Eat clean. This one month, recommit to filling the fridge with whole, healthy foods. We've put together a few simple guidelines to make eating clean easier than ever, along with 30 amazing recipes that make feeding yourself a snap.

Move for 2½ hours a week. That's 150 minutes of cardio—the minimum amount we all need to keep our hearts healthy. Pick any activity you love and break it up however suits your schedule.

Do your WOWs. Strength training is basically youth in a dumbbell, which is why building lean muscle is part of this challenge. Four WOWs (workouts of the week).Download the PDF, here!