GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- A recent Fitbit analysis finds running is the nation's most popular work-out. For those who think they're burning hundreds of calories on long-distance runs, Mother Nature might let you down.

Turns out longer runs don't burn as much as you think, as the body adjusts to the routine. For those in the slower lane, walking might also put you in a calorie burning rut. Get Health U's Chris Freytag says while walking is a great way to get moving, you need to amp it up to really get a good work out.

To get started, Chris recommends you wear proper footwear. Flip flops won't cut it.

Consider "interval walking," which adds intensity with bursts of speed. Chris recommends the "Tabata Pro" app to create different intervals.

Add in strength moves, which will boost your muscle mass and burn more calories over time. Mix in push-ups, squats, lunges and mountain climbers at various points in your walk.

Take advantage of what's around you. Find some steps and climb them.

Use music to push your pace. A good beat can keep you moving.

Chris has many more ideas and printable workouts available at