GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.-- Summer may have started with the best of intentions. Get outside, walk, run or maybe take up a new sport. Our dreams of finally getting into shape start to turn with the autumn leaves.

For many, it could be an injury that derails our fitness plan. It could be a vacation that took you out of your routine just long enough to end a habit you were only just beginning.

Life Time Fitness trainer Lindsay Ogden works with people at all stages of their fitness journey, and she boils it down to the three C's: Coaching, consistency and community.

Good coaching to determine where you are in your fitness journey and how to begin is a key step to creating a plan that's going to work for you.

Consistency speaks for itself. If you get into a schedule of activity, you are more likely to keep doing it.

Community simply means doing activities with people who can support you, and who are also committed to their own fitness journey. You are more likely to stick with your plan if others are expecting you to be there, and who also benefit from your support.

Ogden spoke about how Life Time's TEAM Burn is a program for people of all fitness levels to come together to encourage each other and learn how to meet their fitness goals. The classes incorporate body weight movements and interval-style cardio.

Ogden showed our KARE 11 Sunrise viewers three moves that are modified for beginners or someone who is coming back from a period of inactivity.

Learn more about TEAM Burn at Life Time Fitness.