WAYZATA, Minn. -- Spring can still surprise us with cold weather, even snow- but it is time to think about your garden.   

GetHealthyU's Chris Freytag suggests growing your own herbs will not only save you money, it gives you tasty and healthy options to flavor your meals.

Chris says if you plant outside, choose your location wisely.  Look for an area with plenty of sun and well-drained soil.  

Many chefs plant herbs indoors, giving them access to fresh herbs all year round.  In that case - look for a window that faces south or southwest, and make sure you have good potting soil and pots that allow the water to drain.

Herbs can be grown from seed, but Chris prefers to get a head start with small plants purchased at the store.  Avoid plants that look diseased.  Be sure to follow instructions on proper spacing.  If you are using pots, know the plants will start to crowd each other as they grow.

If growing from seed, you might need to take out some seedlings if they appear to be crowding each other.

Water according to soil conditions and the amount of exposure to sun.

Finally, harvest regularly.  It will encourage more growth, and if you don't harvest, your plants will get leggy and start to flower.  Some herbs can be frozen for winter.  Some cooks will freeze herbs into cubes with olive oil, or make pesto and freeze that into cubes in ice-cube trays.

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