GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – Too many of us seem to have a smartphone welded to our dominant hand- ready to tap, swipe or click on the latest thing that demands our attention.

We might be paying a price for being so connected – it even has a name.

“Smartphone thumb is something that researchers have been looking at,” said Jamie Martin, Editor-in-Chief of Experience Life Magazine. “It’s basically how we hold our phones and use the repetitive motion.

Experience Life Magazine published an article in its June edition, citing research from the Mayo Clinic. “What they’re finding is that the joint down here that connects between the thumb and the wrist is becoming loose and lax and it’s changing the way that our bones move in that range of motion,” Martin explained.

The solution involves changing our habits. That means switching up your hand. Hunt and peck with your fingers rather than just using your thumbs. Even –gasp- talking on the phone rather than typing out a lengthy email with your thumbs.

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