GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Your workplace might look like a ghost town this week. AAA predicts 44 million Americans are traveling over the Fourth of July holiday, leaving many workplaces shorthanded.

If you're still hunched over your computer, you could be the symptom of a problem in this country- too many of us not taking vacation time.

Jamie Martin, Editor-in-Chief of Experience Life Magazine told KARE11 Sunrise 685 million vacation days went unclaimed in this country in 2015. Not taking time off can hurt you in the long run.

Martin cites studies that show taking time off has positive benefits on health and productivity. People who regularly take vacation time have lower rates of heart disease and depression.

Martin says often people worry if they take time off they will fall behind at work, or incur too much expense.

The solution to that is plan ahead. Figure out in advance who can cover for you, and work ahead to clear your desk.

Planning the actual vacation also ensures it will happen. Planning also means you can set your budget. If money is an issue, do a staycation. Be a tourist in your own town. Martin also advocates taking a few days just for yourself. Indulge in things you want to do.

All of this leads to less stress, and a healthier you.

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