GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- Time is the number one excuse for why people skip their workouts. And trust us, we’ve been there. Just because you don’t have hours to spend sweating in the gym doesn't mean you get a free pass for inactivity. Fitness expert, Chris Freytag has a no excuse 10 minute workout.

Benefits of a 10 minute workout:

  • You CAN get a workout done in 10 minutes that is far better than no workout at all—a workout that helps you strength train, gets your heart rate up, or just targets a specific area like abs or arms. Quick, intense workouts are smart.
  • You will almost ALWAYS feel better after a workout. More clear-headed, happier, and more confident. Rare is the person who regrets a workout after it’s done.
  • A 10 minute workout can burn up to 100 calories - say that doesn’t make a difference? Every calorie burned can help with energy, weight loss and mood.
  • When it comes to these micro-workouts, keep in mind the cumulative effect of movement throughout the day. Try fitting in three 10 minute workouts and you‘ve got yourself a decent 30 minute workout in for the day. No rules say you have to do it all at once - it’s about the cumulative effect.

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