EDINA, Minn. - Edina is the first city in Minnesota to raise the age limit for buying tobacco to 21.

The city council unanimously approved the measure Tuesday night, with a standing ovation from a group in the crowd, supporting the change.

The new age limit goes into effect July 1 at convenience stores and the city's municipal liquor stores, whose owners have voiced concerns about how the change will impact their sales.

The idea to ban the sale of tobacco to anyone under 21 came from a recommendation by the city's Community Health Commission. The focus has been on creating a healthier community for kids.

More than 200 municipalities across the nation have already upped the minimum age requirement to 21. California and Hawaii have state laws as well.

Edina Mayor James Hovland spoke shortly after the measure passed and said he hopes other Minnesota communities will adopt similar rules and that it becomes state law someday.

"We have an ardent belief that we can have a profound effect on public health with respect to our children in particular. The long term implications for the cost savings for the people in our state from tobacco-borne related illness is significant," said Hovland.