Anxiety overtakes all of us from time to time, disrupting our lives in unexpected ways. And, recent negative news headlines can only add to the stress.

The truth is we all get stressed, but when isolated incidents turn into seemingly constant turmoil, they can have a huge impact on our lives in a multitude ways.

Jamie Martin, editor in chief of Life Time’s Experience Life magazine, helped kick off a brand new 11 a.m. show series called “Finding Calm in a Frantic World,” which is based on a popular article that appeared in the magazine’s October issue.

Over the next few weeks, KARE 11 viewers will get tips on how to deal with common anxiety situations, that happen at home, at work, at workouts and during the holidays. The November issue of Experience Life magazine is on newsstands now!

Calming strategies to regain balance and calmness:

- Be Ridiculous
- Slow Your Breath
- Name the Feeling
- Pet an Animal
- Enjoy Some Greenery
- Reconsider Caffeine
- Express Gratitude