GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- It's National Burger Month, and who doesn't love a good burger? But take a look under the bun — and at the bun, for that matter — and you'll find that although it may taste delicious it could also go directly to your buns.

To make a healthier burger, use 100% Grass Fed beef. Many of our favorite meats to grill are actually heavily processed or preserved with nitrates, BHT, BHA or the notorious pink slime. It's not that difficult to opt for less-processed options that are readily available. It's not so much how you grill your burger but rather how you serve it. Many would argue that it's not a burger without the bun but consider going bun-less. Bread products may raise our blood sugar as quickly and as much as eating two tablespoons of pure sugar, so try going bun-less by eating with a fork and knife. It'll lower your carbohydrate intake to stabilize your energy and hunger levels, and slow down your eating so you can pay more attention to when you feel full. Alternatively, you can use a lettuce-wrap approach and wrap your burger in iceberg or romaine lettuce, or chop up your burger and add it to a plate of hearty salad greens. A turkey burger is a delicious and healthy alternative. Patty your own turkey burgers at home and use while fresh herbs and spices to pack a punch of flavor. Other options to consider include Alaskan salmon burgers or grilled chicken burgers using pasture-raised chickens.

It's best to avoid condiments packed with unsavory additives that enhance flavor, shelf life, texture or appearance. Instead, try seasoning your meat with fresh or dried herbs and seasonings. Dry rubs are great for chicken while fresh herbs and spices can pack a punch on your grass-fed burger patties. You can also marinate your poultry or seafood with olive oil, citrus and herbs before searing them on the grill. For a delicious ground, nitrate-free spicy turkey burger try organic salsa and olives. For toppings, try fresh salsa, guacamole, sour cream or hearty mustard.

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