MINNEAPOLIS - Since 1996, volunteers have been helping count frogs and toads across Minnesota. This spring is the time to sign up.

"Right now we have 250 routes," said Janine Kohn or the Minnesota DNR. "Two hundred are filled, but we have space for 50 people to sign up and get involved."

Help is needed all across the state. And if you're interested, it's not hard.

"Three nights within a season they go out and listen to the frogs and toads that are calling," said Kohn. "They record their data on forms and send it in back to us at the DNR."

According to the Minnesota DNR, some species are bouncing back as water quality in lakes improves. Getting out to count frogs can also be a family activity, as Tim and Austin Bauer have found out for the past decade.

"Because of Austin's interest we've been listening to the CD and we have been picking up on all these different calls, and hearing them on a regular basis," said Tim Bauer.

To get involved, visit the Minnesota Frog & Toad Calling Survey.