ST. PAUL, Minn. - Close to 1 percent of Minnesota's native prairie remains today, and a new program happening in St. Paul Thursday is focused on protecting our landscape.

"The public can come out and learn a little bit about the park and as well as participate in our restoration activities," said Tricia Wehrle with the City of St. Paul.

The city's Eco-Steward Program needs volunteers to help Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary return back to the natural prairie it was once before. The next event is this upcoming Thursday from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

"Everything from grasses, which are a staple of the prairie, to forbes, which are wildflowers, and some things that they can plant along the edges of the pond here," said Emily Dunlap with St. Paul's Natural Resources.

For example, flowering thistles are invasive, so they have to be removed. But purple flowering spider wards are native, so they can stay.

"We have things blooming all year round on a prairie, which is really amazing and provides food for pollinators and other animals," said Dunlap.

Volunteers are asked to wear long pants and closed toe shoes, and bring a water bottle. Tools, plants and gardening gloves are provided.

To learn more about the natural resources in St. Paul visit: Natural Resources | St. Paul, MN

To RSVP for the event this Thursday: Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary