COTTAGE GROVE, Minn. - A disabled veteran in Cottage Grove was the victim of a hit-and-run crash this weekend.

Raymond Kane tells KARE 11 the driver hit him around 10 p.m. Friday near the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and East Point Douglas Road and never stopped.

"It could have been really bad for me," Kane explains. "I'm a double organ transplant recipient, so I was really worried about that."

Kane says his pancreas and one of his kidneys were both replaced in 2012 after complications due to diabetes. He says a woman in Georgia donated her organs after she died and ever since then, he's felt a compelling need to repay the favor.

"She made such a sacrifice for me and I just need to pay it forward, to help people," Kane says.

Being a veteran of the Army Reserves and Minnesota National Guard, Kane couldn't think of a better way to pay it forward than to help local veterans.

He now spends most of his time volunteering with Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, the local American Legion, and a slew of other veteran groups.

So when he was hit Saturday night, the first thing he thought of was how long it would be before he could get back to helping his community.

"There's no bruising on my stomach, so, the concern is less now," Kane says. "I'm not really worried about any injuries."

Police reports show that the driver involved in the crash was a teen girl. Kane says an officer came to his house hours after the accident to say that the teen's parents convinced her to turn herself over to police.

Kane says he doesn't hold any hard feelings against the teen, saying he doesn't know if the teenage version of himself would have had the courage to stay at the scene either.

He's simply glad she wasn't injured and is happy that her parents convinced her to come forward.

"The police officer I spoke with says she was really upset with herself and her parents were disappointed too," Kane explains. "I think that right there is going to be a hard lesson for her to learn."

Just to be safe, Kane has already scheduled an appointment with his specialists at the Mayo Clinic next week. He says he's feeling fine, but with his transplants, he doesn't want to risk it.

His car received minor damage in the accident. He says most of it was just cosmetic, with a few cracks and dents in the back left corner.

All in all, he says the car is "drivable" and will continue to serve him well in his efforts to help local veterans.