MINNEAPOLIS -- In the five years since Target Field was built, it has developed a reputation of favoring the pitcher more than the hitter.

On Monday, it will welcome an annual All-Star tradition -- the Home Run Derby.

"If you look at Target Field left center, right center are pretty deep, pretty wide open. Other ballparks are a little more friendly to home runs," said La Velle E. Neal III, the Twins beat writer for the Star Tribune

Target Field's dimensions play a bit on the larger side. From home plate it's 339 feet to left and 328 to right. The deep parts are in the gaps and home run hitters will want to stick to the corners.

The fence in left is 8 feet tall and in right it's 23 feet, but the dimensions are only part of the stadiums quirks.

Neal said that when the flags are pointing towards home plate, the ball tends to carry out. That oddness is likely due to the downtown skyline neighboring Target Field.

We checked in with a few of Monday's derby competitors.

"If you get it, it's going to go," said Oakland's Jeff Donaldson. "But there are also going to be some balls you hit in the gaps that you have to hit a little better than usual."

"I think the ball plays fair," said Toronto's Jose Bautista. "You gotta hit it to get it out ... You don't get any cheapies, but if you get a hold of one it should go."