GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – Dramatic video showed a tornado inching closer to an RV park in Watford City, N.D. on Monday.

In the video, people can be heard laughing, but they were also worried about where they should go. Experts believe capturing video of a twister should be your last concern.

"There's this human tendency to want to see stuff," said Hennepin County Emergency Management Director Eric Waage.

Waage points to a study that shows more than half of the people surveyed need a visual confirmation of a tornado before taking shelter.

In North Dakota, people got very little warning, if any at all, according to The Associated Press.

Waage said knowing where there is a shelter long before severe weather is on your door step should be your priority, not capturing video when the tornado has already arrived.

"If you're waiting around here for a visual confirmation, it can be a deadly choice," he said.

Nine people were injured and 15 trailers were damaged or destroyed in North Dakota.

"It sounded like it did quite a bit of damage," said Chad Lekander, of Mahtowa which is near Duluth.

Lekander is part owner of North Dakota Indoor RV Park. He estimates the tornado struck about 200 yards from his business. .

KARE 11 spoke to him almost two years ago in North Dakota about his new business. He was in northern Minnesota Monday night when the tornado hit, but his business partner told him about what happened.

"It's very close. It's very close. We're a quarter mile off of 85 and the tornado touched down between our park and 85," he said.

Thankfully the surprise twister didn't damage his business, he said.

This tornado is a perfect example of why people need to have an emergency plan in place, according to Waage, especially people who live in RV Parks or manufactured homes.

"Considering they have no shelter to duck into, that's pretty scary," he said while watching the YouTube video of the North Dakota tornado.

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