ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Pops of fall color are showing up in parts of the state and an interactive map is back to help Minnesotans track the fall foliage.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will launch its "Fall Color Finder" Thursday. It helps people find the best time to view fall colors in different parts of the state. The website already has some updates on colors at Minnesota's state parks.

Parts of Minnesota may get the perfect recipe for more brilliant colors.

"The shortening day length, which we're already experiencing. Having adequate rain throughout the summer leading up to fall and we've had really good rainfall throughout the entire state," said Pat Arndt, communications and outreach manager for Minnesota State Parks and Trails, a division of the Minnesota DNR. "Now the next thing are the temperatures changes. We need crispy nights, not actual hard freezes, but crispy nights and warm days and then you will start to see the colors pop."

According to the DNR, peak fall colors start in northern Minnesota around mid-September and end in the southern parts of the state around mid-October.

Arndt said things are on schedule but some areas could peak earlier than normal.

"What we're seeing in... southeast Minnesota, south-central little bit, because they've had a lot of rain, the color might start just a little bit earlier this year and that's what our DNR forester is predicting," Arndt said.

Besides viewing the colors, the DNR is offering many programs and events to celebrate fall.

The Fall Color Finder is updated every Thursday and you can sign up to get email and text updates.