ST. PAUL, Minn. - With lots of construction downtown, it could be a little tricky getting to the state fair this year.

"I don't know that there's any secret hidden ways," says Kent Barnard with MnDOT. "I will suggest Highway 280, there's nothing on there. Obviously, Snelling Avenue is wide open. 694, there is work, but we still have two lanes in each direction."

Of course, it all depends on where you're coming from and at what time.

MnDOT does have a free 511 app that tells you where the construction is, if there are any accidents, and how fast traffic is moving.

And there are other options, too.

"Last year, of our 2 million people that attended the fair, over 51 percent of them came by some form of mass transit, charter buses, or Park N' Ride," says Steve Grans, the transportation manager for the Minnesota State Fair.

There are 33 Park N' Ride spots, and 20 more for Metro Transit.

All of that is on the Minnesota State Fair's website, under "General information" and then "Get to the Fair."

With construction and only 7,000 parking spots, it just might be the best way.

"The bus drivers know how to get here," says Grans. "Relax. Take the bus."