MINNEAPOLIS - They are universally frustrating: robocalls.

In fact, Robocall Index estimates automated callers made 2.5 billion calls last month alone. It calculates that is 7.5 calls per month, per person affected.

It doesn’t matter who you talk to, most have experienced it.

"Oh, I'm sorry it was a connection error. And I'm like, no it wasn't. You're just a robot,” recalled Kendra Perez of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis consumer rights attorney Pete Barry says thanks to technology the problem has become a national epidemic.

"It's absolutely an issue,” he said. "We could deliver 100,000 robocalls from this office with a flip of a switch and people on the receiving end would likely never be able to figure out where those calls came from."

That's all despite federal and state laws prohibiting most automated calling.

So how can you stop the bombardment?

First, add your number to the Do Not Call Registry. But that's not going to stop every call.

Second, you can block the call on your smart phone by going to the call history and then clicking on "block caller."

Third, in a bit of irony, you can use technology against itself by downloading apps that block suspicious calls. Some are free, some are not.

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It's not just telemarketers and scammers. Barry says creditors are some of the worst offenders.

"Student loan collectors are probably amongst the worst,” he said.

Which is why experts say it can take a number of ways to stop one annoying phone call.