HUDSON, Wis. - A Hudson police officer is back at work after a dangerous encounter last week on I-94.

Officer Hilary Lundberg pulled over on the I-94 bridge last week between Wisconsin and Minnesota, to help two people with a flat tire. In dash camera video released by the Hudson Police Department, it shows a truck striking Lundberg's squad car just feet from where she's standing, then crossing over multiple lanes of traffic.

Never before in her 16 years as an officer has she been so close to being hit by a vehicle. Now, her squad car is totaled with the back section crunched.

"If I had chosen to have those people from the vehicle sit in my car they would've been killed," said Lundberg, referring to the couple she was assisting.

The only person who was hurt was the St. Paul man who hit Lundberg's car. He suffered non life-threatening injuries. The Minnesota State Patrol says he was cited for careless driving.

Many say Lundberg was lucky that day, but she calls it 'divine intervention.'

"It was God there and the circumstances of that happened for a reason," said Lundberg.

Now back at work, she is moving forward and not focusing on the crash as much as she had before.

Lundberg hopes drivers who see the crash video will remember this story the next time they are driving and in a hurry.

"Nothing's worth dieing for or taking someone else's life for," said Lundberg.