WINTHROP, Minn. - Sibley County is cleaning up after being hit with hail, some of it as big as baseballs, in Sunday night's storms.

Emergency managers say there were no injuries and no homes lost, but the wind and hail still left quite a mess, including at the Winthrop Golf Club.

"It looked like a disaster area," said club President Gary Schneider. "Yeah, it was not pretty."

Schneider says the fallen trees and limbs are nothing compared to the divots.

"See all these marks here?" he said. "That's all hail. ... We have real nice greens here and now you can take a look at this, it's damaged pretty well."

Sunday night's hail in Winthrop left divots in the course at Winthrop Golf Club.

And that damage goes far beyond the golf course.

The hail punched holes in homes in Sibley and Nicollet Counties, including Beth and Kevin Fluegge's.

"It sounded like somebody was sending baseballs at the house," Beth Fluegge said.

And hail was just the beginning.

"The posts that anchor the whole building, every one of them is pulled out of the ground," Kevin Fluegge said.

The National Weather Service told them a tornado likely carved this path.

"500 feet," he said. "At least. And I don't know what's all out there."

But somehow the trail of destruction bypassed their home.

Beth and Kevin Fluegge's property experienced massive storm damage Sunday night, but their house was safe.

"Shed is a loss, the garden is a loss, the crops are lost, but people are still here, so that's the good thing," Beth Fluegge said.

Helping hands are a good thing too – and a lot of volunteers are helping both on the farm and at the Winthrop Golf Club.

And they say they'll keep it up until all the holes are repaired.

Though there is still considerable cleanup yet to take place at the golf course, organizers are hopeful that they'll get open relatively soon. They're aiming right now for Tuesday night, which is league night.