BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- Twenty-five years ago, people pushed their way into the Mall of America, charging their credit cards for the latest Zubaz or rides at Camp Snoopy.

And then, two years later, they were paying for weddings on the mall's second floor at the Chapel of Love. That's where Penny and Steve Partch got married in 1995.

"Too many people had too many ideas, so we just wanted to be married, and we just simply eloped and sent out an announcement," she said.

For Penny and Steve, it was perfect.

And they weren't the only ones declaring their love inside a mall. After dating for two years, Christian Mischo and Sonia De Los Santos are walking down the aisle together at Hard Rock Cafe.

"We figured now is the time to do it," Mischo said.

With Reverend Tairie Starr of the Chapel of Love officiating, Christian put a ring on Sonia. And, then, in their red shoes, they danced for the first time as a married couple.

"I think it's amazing. We get to celebrate the 25th anniversary with other couples and ourselves," De Los Santos said.

They were just one of 15 couples, most like Penny and Steve, who thought it'd be amazing to renew their vows -- for free -- in front of family, friends and even kids.