As if you need a reminder, 2017 is the deadliest year for mass killings in at least a decade.

On days like this, when the country copes with yet another mass shooting, people might feel hopeless.

And so today, we decided to ask what does give you hope. The responses were overwhelming. If you need a bit of happiness today, we ask you to scroll through just some of the answers below. You can also give us your own with #HeyNext or post on the Next Facebook page.

Tens of thousands of churches had no violence Sunday. That gives me hope. - John Erwin

I find hope by looking for the heroes in each tragedy. There is always at least one. I also find hope when being around young people that are concerned with the world's problems and plan to help change it. -Sherry Lesher

It is the fact that the sun rises every day! And as soon as there is light, people have HOPE! -Don Heberlein

I am the director of a faith based preschool and every day the laughter, wonder, innocence & joy of the precious children we serve gives me hope for the future. I pray they make a positive difference in the world! - Joy

Without faith there is no hope. With Faith we can know our God is truly in control and we have a hope of life eternal. -Mary Jo Hardy

My kids and their unrelenting desire for love and fairness. They don't see color, they see friends. They believe in treating everyone the same and doing good deeds. They give me hope that someday we will get out of this mess we're in. -Jessica Meleah

What gives me hope is the little things I do, like picking up trash someone else dumped on the street, or smiling at someone, or holding the door open, will make someone else want to do the same for someone else. Pay it forward. - Randeen Damp

My dog helps me to see there is love and hope. I adopted him after two years of neglect. His forgiveness and love of life is a demonstration of what we could and can be. -Katie Billings

Young men who stand back and let ladies and the elderly board RTD before them. Listening to a group of kiddos of all backgrounds giggle at the park. -Dianne Duncan

Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Rachel Jones

Listening to the thrill in my youngest son's voice while he described his meeting with Dale Earnhardt Jr this weekend in Las Vegas. -Sarah Ann

As a wedding officiant... Marrying people in love with hopes and dreams for the future. -Sally

A smile on a stranger's face. -Judi Watson

Jesus -Rob McComb

Music. Always music. It’s the universal language and it speaks to everyone regardless of who you are, what you believe, and who you love. -John Hildebrandt

Love. And a bit of AC/DC Thunderstruck to get me through the last few minutes of my workout.....just sayin.... -Carol Geissler

Seeing ordinary people being extraordinary to strangers and do it just because they are good people. -Gabe Kendall

All the people honoring Veterans as we get ready to celebrate Veterans Day on Saturday. -Carol W. Bates

A daughter being preggers with a child of the future (what ever the future is). -Christy Wood

My church family: Foundations Church in Loveland! -Tory Beck

Our dedicated first responders give me hope that there are people willing to put their life in jeopardy for us. -John Schulz

I get the privilege of teaching teenagers every day. They give me hope. They care, they think, they make a difference. They inspire me. -Barb Schrader