LOS ANGELES - Minnesotan Jesse Larson is taking the stage Monday night as one of The Voice Top 10.

"I am very excited," he told KARE 11 live from Los Angeles on Monday. "Nervous, a little bit, because I'm really stepping out there for this one, but I am very excited. And I'm gonna be reppin' the hometown in the full effect this evening."

Larson couldn't give away too much about what he had planned for Monday night's live round.

"What I can tell you is that it's gonna be fun and I'm pushing myself even further outside of my comfort zone this evening," he said.

Larson said the theme of getting him to go outside his norm comes from both internal and external forces.

"Sometimes I try to push myself, but I think Adam (Levine) is just really trying to see how far I can go and how far he can push me and yet still have me come out on the other side alive," he said with a laugh. "I started out as a guitar player singing a couple songs a night, things like that. Now that I'm the one on the stage, I don't have my guitar on for the last couple of performances, he's really pushing me out there."


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Larson is a guitarist, singer and guitar maker from the Twin Cities. In his previous life, he played guitar with Prince.