ST. PAUL, Minn. - Seventeen state lawmakers are raising concerns that the Minnesota Vikings' three-game suspension of special teams coach Mike Priefer was strong enough.

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In a letter sent to Zygi Wilf on Friday, lawmakers said, "You and the Vikings have been asked repeatedly to conduct a fair, impartial and transparent investigation into claims by Chris Kluwe about actions, statements and the culture inside the organization. And if those claims were found to have merit, you and the Vikings have also been urged more than once to take sufficiently strong action. There has been failure on both counts."

The group of lawmakers are asking the Vikings to release the entire investigation and consider a stronger punishment for Priefer.

"The summary prepared on behalf of the team that was released on July 18 at least made two things clear -- that coach Mike Priefer did in fact say something shockingly out of bounds in any civil society and that he repeatedly lied about it," the letter said.

Lawmakers noted that the Minnesota taxpayers contributed to the new Vikings stadium allowing "a considerable boost in its revenues."

"In light of this enormous public effort, it is imperative that your organization be held accountable. This is especially true when it would seem that Vikings leadership is turning a blind eye to such egregious misconduct and seems determined to remain opaque to the very public which has invested so much in the success of your team," the letter concluded.

The letter was signed by Sen. D. Scott Dibble, District 61; Sen. Richard Cohen, District 64; Rep. Karen Clark, District 62A; Rep. Susan Allen, District 62B; Rep. Frank Hornstein, District 61A; Sen. John Hoffman, District 36; Sen. Chuck Wiger, District 43; Sen. Melisa Franzen, District 49; Sen. Sandra L. Pappas, District 65; Sen. Jim Carlson, District 51; Sen. John Marty, District 66; Sen. Foung Hawj, District 67; Sen. Ron Latz, District 46; Sen. Bev Scalze, District 42; Sen. Kari Dziedzic, District 60; Sen. Susan Kent, District 53; Sen. Barb Goodwin, District 41

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