MINNEAPOLIS - A lot of buzz is growing around some sketches leaked online over the weekend, showing what could be next for the former flagship Macy's store in downtown Minneapolis.

Three blueprints show nine floors of tenant space. On the very first level is a bowling alley, a food hall and retail space.

On the second floor, a skyway and more retail space.

Sketches show a balcony, lounge areas, a rooftop seating area and lots of open space to sit and relax.

Gensler & Associates, the design architects, told KARE 11 Monday that the leaked “renderings” are not approved for distribution.

Pat Milan from Tunheim, the PR company representing building owners 601W, also responded, saying:

“The drawings leaked on a website are early images of the project that no longer reflect the full scope of the building’s design. The designs are in a state of change. We will have a better sense of the vision and direction to share publicly by the end of the month."

Dale Kurschner from Twin Cities Business Magazine said that early renderings often don't show the most up-to-date plans.

“Sometimes you have this grand plan drawn up and then you step back and say, 'What’s really doable?'" he said. "The biggest thing is they have to find tenants that like those drawings and say, 'We’ll commit to different parts.' As that happens we can say, 'We can make that happen,' or what can we revise. Other folks who are involved have said if they can’t make that version work they also consider doing a hotel or doing residential. So it’s not a done deal."

Kurschner says those renderings run in line with what the owners said they wanted to do, so he wouldn’t be surprised if there are just some slight tweaks.