Editor's note: After the recent violence in downtown Minneapolis, Breaking the News will air this piece from KUSA, our sister station in Denver, looking at the cold, hard facts around guns.

Let’s start a conversation.

No, not the same kind of conversation we’ve heard for years and years about guns in America.

Let’s start a different kind of conversation.

One that revolves more around facts and less around emotion.

Here's the animation we hope will spark a new conversation:

Emotions change. Facts don’t.

If this day turns out to be a typical one, 30 people will die because someone decided to point a gun in their direction. Another 60 will kill themselves with a gun.

You might be ok with that.

I’m not.

Not that I’m suggesting there’s an easy way to bring the number down. Not at all.

But, somehow we have to figure out a better way to talk about the problem.

So let’s start with some facts.

Read them. Consider them.

And then let us know what you think.

What are we missing? What would you do?

What do legislators need to know?

What do we in the media need to know?

Maybe together we can not only start a new conversation.

Maybe we can change the old conversation as well.