RAMSEY, Minn. - Nothing that happened at the end of Rivlyn Avenue in Ramsey early Friday morning is adding up.

Two men, in a Hummer SUV, wound up driving that truck into the Mississippi River just after 1 a.m. in an area that isn't used to seeing anything like that.

"The area he went in isn't where you expect to find one. It's behind residences actually so it isn't that they just drove off the road," Ramsey Police Chief Jim Way said Friday.

We don't know who was driving but we do know whoever it was had to make at least two sharp turns to even get to the shoreline, and all the while, the driver was dodging trees during a snowstorm.

The SUV came to a stop about 175 feet from shore. That is where police saw the truck when they got to the area behind a private residence.

When they got there they saw one of the men, the 39-year-old from Ramsey who owned the SUV, standing on top of the truck while it was out in the river.

Way said his officers yelled to the man several times but that he didn't respond. Moments later that man either jumped or fell in the water and hasn't been found despite a lengthy search on Friday.

The second man was 42-years-old and he was rescued from inside the truck but police say he was not cooperating at first and he was intoxicated. That man was not identified and he was treated for hypothermia at an area hospital and released.

Way said his investigators have questioned the man.

All day recovery teams used Sonar in the river water searching for the 39-year-old.

Divers weren't put in the water because the current was too strong.