ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Welcome to Mindbender Mansion! As you explore this new place in the Science Museum of Minnesota you will find different challenges to test your brain power.

"Mindbender Mansion has 40 hands-on brain teasers that you can walk up to and do individually or work on with a partner. We also have group activities where it will take two or three more people to work and solve the puzzle," said Kim Ramsden with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

For this game, we each had to pull or release our colored string to guide the balloon into the correct target. The next group activity was a giant labyrinth to get the steel ball into the hole. Then I came across a puzzle to make a capital T, which I wasn't able to solve.

If you solve them all, you can get your picture put on the wall of fame!

Spelling is also important in the Mindbender Mansion, and this is one question we have to figure out: Which planet is referred to as the red planet? We have to step on each letter to spell out the correct planet. Mars, right?

Once you've mastered the mansion, you then use your imagination to build stuff out of cardboard.

"Build robots, build a house, build a car, build anything your imagination can think of out of cardboard," said Ramsden.

Fans of the video game Minecraft can also have fun in their "analog" minecraft area by just using blocks.