MINNEAPOLIS - Demolition of the Metrodome is now complete and project leaders announced Wednesday that they will meet their goal of recycling 80 percent of the debris.

"The concrete, the seats, everything is being recycled and reused. That was a big deal. That was important to us," said Michele Michele Kelm-Helgen, chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.

Some seats were sold, others are being scrapped by Choice Plastics in Mound, MN. The concrete is being crushed and recycled by Frador in Little Canada, MN. The metal is heading to an AMG Alliance scrapyard that hugs the Mississippi River in St. Paul.

"This is scrap coming out of the Metrodome site," said Shane Alsdurf, a yard buyer with AMG Alliance. "It comes in and we knock it down into another size to be able to ship."

Purple vestiges of the Metrodome can be seen in the two huge piles of metal debris that will be sold and shipped for melting.

"This is just the metal, none of the rubble," said Alsdurf. "Just steel. Things that can be melted down and moved into different products whether it's rebar, appliances, car parts, what not."

Some quick facts:

- The seats yielded 120 tons of cast iron for recycling and 75 tons of High Density Poly Ethylene.

- 80,000 tons of concrete will be recycled.

- 4,500 tons of structural steel will be recycled.

- 25 tons of precious metals have been recycled.

- 300 tons of roof cables have been recycled.